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Best of ATS Video Lecture Series - Patient & Family Education Submission Process


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Video Submission Deadline: August 21, 2019

Best of the ATS Video Learning Series – Patient and Family Education (BAVLS-PFE) FAQ

What is the BAVLS-PFE?

The Best of the ATS Video Learning Series – Patient and Family Education (BAVLS-PFE) is a new pilot program designed to complement the text-based Patient Information Series. The series will consist of short, informative videos regarding pulmonary health, critical illness, and sleep disorders. Examples of video content could include:

  • Reinforcing how to uses devices such as inhalers and oxygen equipment, and airway clearance equipment;
  • Familiarizing patients with testing and monitoring procedures; and
  • Sharing patient experiences as role models.

Why Develop the BAVLS – PFE?

A substantial portion of American adults have low health literacy, which is associated with decreased adherence to prescribed medical regimens and increased emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Patients understand and retain only a fraction of information shared by their medical provider. Materials that can be viewed on an ad hoc basis by patients, families, and caregivers can be a useful adjunct to patient education received during clinical encounters. The ATS has a commitment to patient and family education, including its ongoing Patient Information Series. The BAVLS-PFE aims to expand patient and family resources. The BAVLS-PFE aims to expand patient and family resources by disseminating highly engaging, high-quality patient-centered videos to a wide audience, including patients/families/caregivers and clinicians. All PAR member organizations who submit videos through the BAVLS-PFE program will be fully credited and acknowledged for their submission.

Who Can Submit a Video for Consideration?

The BAVLS-PFE is open to all ATS PAR members.

What are the Submission Criteria for a Video?

All criteria in the P-GATS guidelines, including the PEMAT-AV, will be used by the subcommittee to assess “understandability” and “actionability.”

Summary of Submission Criteria:

  • 5 minutes or less in length;
  • No larger than 1 GB; MP4 format only;
  • Appropriate for a lay audience;
  • Simple, easy to follow words, grammar; no medical jargon.
    • For additional information on the assessment of patient materials in video format, see: Shoemaker SJ, Wolf MS, Brach C. Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool for Audiovisual Materials (PEMAT-AV). Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; October 2013. AHRQ Publication No. 14-0002-EF;
  • Highly engaging; limit clinician interviews or monologues (no “talking head” videos);
  • Reflects current evidence-based clinical practice and context;
  • Moderate to high production quality (sound, lighting, overall look, clarity);
  • HIPAA compliant;
  • Without product or institutional bias; if branded products are used, include a disclaimer indicating the video is not an endorsement of any company or product;
  • Submitted with signed ATS copyright form;
  • Submitted with confirmation that all who appear/are heard in the video have a signed release; and
  • Limited to English.

What is the Review Process?

A subcommittee of the Patient & Family Education Committee (PFEC) will review all video submissions. Assembly members, PAR members, and/or key stakeholders will be recruited to assist the subcommittee on an “as needed” basis.

How are Videos Selected?

If a submitted video passes this review and meets the minimum criteria detailed above, it will be uploaded to the ATS Website in the “Patients” section. Videos that are selected will be eligible to receive publication citations and acknowledgment from the ATS. Authors of videos that are not selected will receive feedback and will be invited to re-submit at a later date.

When are Video Submission Due? How Many Videos Can Be Submitted?

  • There will be up to 2 submission dates per year: January and July.
  • Each PAR member organization can submit 1-2 videos per submission cycle.

Questions? Send an email to Judy Corn.