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RBC - Adult Track

Small Group Sessions 

Hands-On Sessions 

2019 Virtual Boot Camp - Dallas 

Gadgets and Gears - Isabel Pedraza, MD

Basic Lung Physiology -Thomas Saba, MD

Common Pulmonary Consults - Avi Cooper, MD

Inpatient Emergencies: How to Run a CodeViren Kaul, MD & Lucas Kimmig, MD

Pulmonary Arterial (PA) Catheterization and Waveforms - John Parks, MD 

PFT InterpretationTristan Huie, MD 

Online ATS Content to Help During FellowshipLaura E. Crotty Alexander, MD 

ICU EmergenciesAndrew Luks, MD 

How to Read a Chest CT: Key Cases and PearlsBrent Little, MD 

Tips for Succeeding as a New FellowLaura Crotty Alexander, MD & Isabel Pedraza, MD 

Top Pulmonary ConsultsJennifer McCallister, MD 

How to Run a CodeTisha Wang, MD 


2018 Virtual Boot Camp – San Diego

Day One of the VBC

  • Welcome to Fellowship, Laura Crotty Alexander, MD
  • Primer for Pulmonary Clinic - Jim Beck, MD
  • ICU Emergencies - Andy Luks, MD
  • How to Teach in Small Groups - Trish Kritek, MD, EdM
  • Pulmonary Physiology - Brendan Clark, MD, MS
  • General Q&A with Virtual Boot Campers - Geoff Connors, MD

Day Two of the VBC

  • Welcome to Fellowship - Laura Crotty Alexander, MD and Arun Kannappan, MD
  • What Can the ATS do for You? Past - Monica Kraft, MD
  • How to Navigate the ATS International Conference - Jess Mandel, MD
  • Top Pulmonary Consults - Jennifer McCallister, MD
  • Critical Care Waveforms - Trish Kritek, MD, EdM
  • How to Run a Code - Tisha Wang, MD
  • Q&A: Share your questions and concerns about succeeding in PCC fellowship - Geoffrey Connors, MD and Laura Crotty Alexander, MD 


2019 Virtual Boot Camp - Dallas