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Research Core Training Webinar / Podcast Series

Research Core Training

Figuring out the right question to ask can be difficult and stressful. Dr. Wedzicha quickly lays the groundwork for approaching this task, and through discussion with Drs. Crotty Alexander, Belvitch and Ascoli - representing mid-level, junior-faculty and fellows, respectively - many tips and tricks are covered for generating a great research question and vetting it. Working with your research mentor is key, along with running your ideas by as many people as possible, both locally and at the ATS International Conference. Watch this dynamic webinar now! You will come away feeling more confident and less anxious about choosing the right question for your research years, and your K, CDA or other mentored grant applications.



Just want the highlights? Listen now to hear the best tips from our panel of experts, on how to pick a great research question! Drs. Wedzicha, Crotty Alexander, Belvitch and Ascoli approach the problem from multiple perspectives, making the information conveyed relevant to numerous types of trainees, doing many types of research.


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