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Clinical Resources

Founded in 1905, the American Thoracic Society is the world's leading medical society dedicated to accelerating the advancement of global respiratory health through multidisciplinary collaboration, education, and advocacy. Core activities of the Society’s more than 16,000 members are focused on leading scientific discoveries, advancing professional development, impacting global health, and transforming patient care. Key areas of member focus include developing clinical practice guidelines, hosting the annual International Conference, publishing four peer-reviewed journals, advocating for improved respiratory health globally, and developing an array of patient education and career development resources.

The ATS fosters the collection, evaluation and dissemination of scientific and clinical information. Here physicians and patients will find clinical information on a wide array of respiratory-related topics. Most of the information is developed and contributed by the ATS’s scientific assemblies, and all of it has been peer-reviewed.

In addition, for those physicians in independent practice, we also offer extensive information on health insurance billing & coding issues, in our Resources for Physicians Practices section.

Finally, the ATS International Conference also offers a wealth of programming and related resources specifically designed for clinicians. These include:

  • Clinicians Center: Meet, network, relax, and learn in a comfortable and congenial environment while gathering information and resources.
  • Learning Lab: located adjacent to the Clinicians Center, it will offer daily educational session demonstrations
  • Outstanding Clinician Award (OCA): Each year the ATS honors an exemplary clinician who is recognized at the Awards Ceremony. Additionally, Chapter OCA award recipients are recognized at a reception at the Clinicians Center.

Please visit ATS International Conference website to learn more about these innovations designed to enhance the conference experience for pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine practitioners.