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Vote 2021

Voting for Section Leaders is now open online at the ATS website Please click here to vote! All Section members can vote for future Section leaders.

Deadline: Friday, April 30, 2021

Membership in a section is by choice and you can belong to all if you choose.  The ATS sections are housed under a home Assembly.  Sections focus on a specific area within an Assembly.

Any ATS member that is a member of a Section can vote. You will need your ATS Membership Number and password to access the ballot and vote.

You can verify your section affiliations by clicking here. Once any changes are made updates will reflect in our database one hour from the time of your submission.

How will it work?
When you click on the voting link, you will be prompted to log in. After your membership number is validated, you will gain access to the ballot for your Section membership. You will then be able to view candidate pictures and bio-sketches for each of the available leadership positions.

When will the results be announced?
The results will be announced shortly after the deadline.

Click here for job descriptions for Section Leadership positions (PDF format)

Please click here to vote!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Assembly Programs Manager, Breana Portelli
 at: bportelli@thoracic.org