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Call for Photos

logo Are you an ATS member who has or is planning on receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot? We would love to see your photos.
feller We are seeking photos of ATS members receiving COVID-19 vaccine shots. The photos will be used for our public outreach and education efforts highlighting the safety and efficacy of these therapies. We believe that imagery of ATS members—on the frontlines of research and clinical care—receiving an approved COVID-19 vaccine, sends a powerful message of hope, trust in sound public health policy and restoration of faith in science. Please email your photos to the ATS at covid19info@thoracic.org.
By uploading your photo to the ATS you give explicit permission for the usage of your image or likeness in any or all of our print and online media platforms. Please get your photos back to us by Fri, Feb 12th and indicate your name, credentials, and institution as part of your submission.  krishnan


Additional information on the ATS COVID-19 efforts can be FOUND HERE