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Assembly on Clinical Problems Annual Educator Award

This award is given in recognition of outstanding expertise as a clinician and educator, and significant contribution to clinical education in pulmonary/critical care medicine. This award is presented to a US or International member of the CP Assembly annually at the ATS International Conference. The award committee is seeking candidates for the award.


  1. Curriculum Vitae for the nominee must be included
  2. Provide a short nomination letter (three page maximum) in support of your nominee addressing each of the following criteria
    • The candidate should have been an active clinician and teacher in pulmonary/critical care medicine for at least 10 years
    • The candidate should spend a significant portion of their time participating in the education of medical trainees at any level (medical students, residents, fellows).
    • The candidate should have significantly advanced the field of education in pulmonary and critical care medicine by demonstrating significant leadership and/or making contributions to education through activities such as creating curriculum, serving as an educational directors, or engaging in educational research.
    • The candidate should be recognized by their students and peers as an outstanding educator.
  3. Provide supporting documentation (three pages maximum) outlining objective evidence of educational excellence. This can be in the form of trainee letters, educational evaluations/comments, curricula development, or other appropriate metrics.

Past Recipients of the CP Annual Educator Award 

2018 - Peter F. Clardy, MD
2017 - John P. Kress, MD
2016 - Lynn T. Tanoue, MD
2015 - Michael A. Hutcheon, FRCP(C), MD
2014 - James R. Jett, MD & David H. Roberts, MD
2013 - Robert M. Kotloff, MD
2012 - Terry P. Clemmer, MD
2011 - John W. Kreit, MD
2010 - Jess Mandel, MD
2009 - James R. Patterson, MD
2008 - Steven E. Weinberger, MD
2007 - Bartolome Celli, MD
2006 - Atul Mehta, MD
2005 - Darryl Y. Sue, MD & Richard M. Schwartzstein, MD
2004 - Richard A. Matthay, MD & John H. Hansen-Flaschen, MD