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Assembly on Clinical Problems Annual Educator Award

This award is given in recognition of outstanding expertise as a clinician and educator, and a significant contribution to clinical education in pulmonary/critical care medicine. This award is presented to the U.S. or International member of the CP Assembly at the annual CP Membership Meeting at the ATS International Conference. 


  • Nominee's curriculum vitae must be included
  • Provide a short nomination letter (three-page maximum) in support of your nominee addressing each of the following criteria; the candidate should
    • have been an active clinician and teacher in pulmonary/critical care medicine for at least 10 years
    • spend a significant portion of their time participating in the education of medical trainees at any level (medical students, residents, fellows).
    • have significantly advanced the field of education in pulmonary and critical care medicine by demonstrating significant leadership and/or making contributions to education through activities such as creating curriculum, serving as an educational director, or engaging in educational research.
    • be recognized by their students and peers as an outstanding educator.
  • Provide supporting documentation (three pages maximum) outlining objective evidence of educational excellence. This can be in the form of trainee letters, educational evaluations/comments, curricula development, or other appropriate metrics.

Past Recipients of the CP Annual Educator Award: 

2020 - Maryl Kreider, MD, MSCE
2019 - No Award Given
2018 - Peter F. Clardy, MD
2017 - John P. Kress, MD
2016 - Lynn T. Tanoue, MD
2015 - Michael A. Hutcheon, FRCP(C), MD
2014 - James R. Jett, MD & David H. Roberts, MD
2013 - Robert M. Kotloff, MD
2012 - Terry P. Clemmer, MD
2011 - John W. Kreit, MD
2010 - Jess Mandel, MD
2009 - James R. Patterson, MD
2008 - Steven E. Weinberger, MD
2007 - Bartolome Celli, MD
2006 - Atul Mehta, MD
2005 - Darryl Y. Sue, MD & Richard M. Schwartzstein, MD
2004 - Richard A. Matthay, MD & John H. Hansen-Flaschen, MD