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Assembly on Clinical Problems Early Career Achievement Award

2021 Winner -  Dong Keon Yon, MD


Dr. Yon is a Clinical Fellow of Pediatrics at the Seoul National University who has investigated research on asthma and COVID-19 using several methodology through the big data analysis, modeling study, ongoing prospective cohort, and/or intervention study. His research focuses on allergic and respiratory epidemiology, chronic inflammation, and multiple environmental factors (i.e., PM2.5/10, aeroallergens, and respiratory viruses), with a special focus on clinical problems. His publications included of 40 peer-reviewed articles to data, in such high impact journals as AJRCCM, Gut, Lancet Psychiatry, and JACI, and he has also served as the Associate Editor of Plos One, BMC Pediatrics, and BMC Pulmonary Medicine.


The award will be given to an individual (U.S. or International) who has made outstanding scientific contributions in clinical, translational, or laboratory-based research relevant to Clinical Problems. This award is to recognize an individual who has made these contributions early in his or her career. Awardees will be presented with a framed certificate during the annual CP Membership Meeting at the ATS International Conference.


  • Must be at the Instructor or Assistant Professor level or at an equivalent rank in a non-academic institution.
  • The nomination package must include a letter from a member of the Clinical Problems Assembly describing why the award is appropriate 
  • Nominee's curriculum vitae must also be included 

Past Recipients of the Assembly on Clinical Problems Early Career Achievement Award:

2020 - Samuel Ash, MD, MPH
2019 - Lida P. Harris, BS, MD, PhD
2018 - Joanna Hart, MD, MS
2017 - Jonathan P. Singer, MS, MD
2016 - Surya P. Bhatt, MD
2015 - Joshua M. Diamond, MD