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Assembly on Pulmonary Circulation Mid-Career/Senior Fellowship Research Achievement Award

Meet the 2023 Winner: Ke Yuan, PhD

ke yuan

Ke Yuan is an Associate Scientific Researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School.  Ke received her PhD in Biology from Temple University, PA, and was then a postdoctoral fellow at the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine at Stanford University when she joined the faculty. Ke has been recognized nationally as a Parker B Francis Fellow and a recipient of the ATS Abstract Scholarship Award (2013-2019), PHA Proof of Concept Award and ATS/PHA Aldrighetti Research Award for Young Investigators. She has been a member of the ATS since 2011 and has previously served as the PC assembly member of the Program Committee (2018 to 2020), Journal Club (2020-2021) and Planning Committee (2019 to present), Early Career Committee (2019 to present) and co-chair for the Women in Pulmonary Vascular Disease Workgroup (2022 to present).

By applying state of art technologies, such as single-cell RNA-seq and spatial transcriptomics, deep tissue clearing and super high-resolution microscopy, Ke’s group will dissect the critical roles of endothelial cells, pericytes and smooth muscle cells during angiogenesis and aim to understand abnormal vascular remodeling in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and other pulmonary vascular diseases. The ultimate goal is to identify potential therapeutic targets that could be exploited for the development of new drugs capable of preventing abnormal vessel remodeling and obliteration in PAH.

Throughout her career, she found a second home at the PC Assembly where she received mentorship, critical feedback, opportunities to serve, and a network around the specular quality of peers, colleagues, and friends. She will continue the privilege of serving on multiple committees/workgroups and will continue to increase the diversity, advocacy, communication, and collaboration at the assembly.


This award will be given to one individual with a promising career trajectory who has made outstanding scientific contributions relevant to the understanding of the vascular basis of lung disease, including basic science at the level of the cell and molecular biology, lung vascular physiology, translational biology, or clinical medicine. Awardees will be presented with a framed certificate at the annual PC Membership Meeting during the ATS International Conference.


  • Must be within 7 years from the start of first faculty appointment/lectureship at the time of submission
  • Submission of a complete nomination package including 1) letters of support from 2 different members of the PC assembly describing the candidate’s contributions, potential, and why the award is appropriate; 2) the candidate’s curriculum vitae and 3) a copy of an abstract that will be presented at the ATS meeting on which the candidate is first or senior author.
  • Must be a PC Assembly primary member


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