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Assembly on Pediatrics 10th Annual Founder's Award

The Pediatric Assembly will be presenting its Tenth Annual Founders Award at the 2019 ATS International Conference in Dallas, TX.  This award is presented to a member of the Pediatric Assembly annually at the Pediatric Assembly Founder’s Dinner in recognition of his or her role in founding the disciplines of pediatric respiratory diseases including Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Neonatal Medicine programs, and a lifetime of achievement in Pediatric Respiratory Medicine.  The PEDS Planning Committee is seeking candidates for the award. Please submit nominations for the award along with a short letter in support of your nominee addressing each of the following criteria.


  • The candidate should be recognized for making seminal contributions to the science or practice of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine. 
  • The candidate should be recognized by his/her peers as an outstanding clinician and/or researcher, teacher and mentor.
  • Contributions to the Pediatric Assembly in the form of Committee participation or Chairmanship will be viewed favorably.
  • Candidates in Pediatric Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Neonatal Medicine all will be considered.

2019 Assembly on Pediatrics - Pediatric Founders Award

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Past Founder's Award Recipients:

2018 - Robert E. Wood, PhD, MD
2017 - John G. Brooks, MD
2016 - Carl F. Doershuk, MD
2015 - William W. Waring, MD
2014 - Howard Eigen, MD
2013 - Thomas F. Boat, MD
2012 - Victor Chernick, MD
2011 - Robert Mellins, MD
2010 - Lynn Taussig MD

Last Reviewed: January 2019