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The Robert B. Mellins, M.D. Outstanding Achievement Award

The Planning Committee of the Pediatrics Assembly is pleased to announce The Robert B. Mellins, M.D. Outstanding Achievement Award, given to a candidate at the Instructor, Assistant Professor, or early Associate Professor level, who is recognized for achievement in scholarship or research achievements over the previous year.

The Nomination Requires:

  • That the nominee be a member of the ATS
  • A letter from the person submitting the nomination that details the candidate’s achievement and his or her contribution to child lung health
  • Copies of the relevant publications
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae.

2019 Assembly on Pediatrics - Robert Mellins Award

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Past Recipients of the Robert Mellins Award:

2018 - Don B. Sanders, MD, MS
2017 - Erick Forno, MD, MPH
2016 - Lucas R. Hoffman, MD, PhD
2015 - Eric D. Austin, MD
2014 - Lisa R. Young, MD

Last Reviewed: January 2019