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Assembly on Pulmonary Infections & Tuberculosis Mid Career Award

This award is given to an PI-TB member (primary or secondary) with clear commitment to PI-TB (and ATS), advancing the mission, and with demonstrated meaningful contribution(s) to the PI-TB Assembly in the area of research, clinical care, teaching or service (may include leadership).  Individuals for consideration will include persons at the Assistant Professor or Assoc Professor (or Asst or Assoc Professor equivalent) and >10 <20 years from completing postdoctoral training.


  • Assistant Professor or Associate Professor (or Assistant or Associate Professor equivalent)
  • Between 10 and 20 years from completion of postdoctoral training
  • Recognized contribution(s) to the PI-TB Assembly
  • PI-TB Assembly Member (primary or secondary)
  • Nomination letter from sponsor(s) (2 page limit), using template) and updated CV of candidate

Assembly on Microbiology, Tuberculosis & Pulmonary Infections Mid Career Award

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Past Recipients of the Mid Career Award:

2014 - Kristina A. Crothers, MD
2015 - Alison M. Morris, MD, MS
2016 - Scott Evans, MD
2017 - Marcos I. Restrepo, MD, MSc

Last Reviewed: February 2018