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Assembly on Pulmonary Infections & Tuberculosis Mid Career Award

Meet the 2022 Winner: James Beck, MD, ATSF




This award is given to a PI-TB member with a clear commitment to PI-TB and ATS, advancing their missions, and with a contribution(s) to the PI-TB Assembly and/or ATS in the area(s) of research, clinical care, teaching or service (may include leadership).


  • Assistant or Associate Professor, or equivalent
  • Between 10 and 20 years from having completed postdoctoral or clinical training, excluding time off for personal circumstances.
  • PI-TB Assembly Member (primary or secondary)
  • Contribution(s) to the PI-TB Assembly in basic, translational science, and/or “bedside to the community” (implementation) research, clinical care, teaching, or service (may include leadership).


  • Nomination letter from sponsor(s) (2-page limit)
  • Updated candidate CV


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2021 - James Chalmers, MD, PhD

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