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Assembly on Pulmonary Rehabilitation Early Career Research Achievement Award

Meet the 2023 Winners: Enya Daynes, PhD, MSc, BS & Dmitry Rozenberg, MD, PhD, FRCPC



Enya Daynes is a clinical academic physiotherapist at the University Hospitals of Leicester, Leicester, UK, specialising in Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Dr Daynes graduated as a physiotherapist from Coventry University in 2014, and obtained a Masters in advanced physiotherapy practice in 2015. Dr Daynes completed her PhD in “Symptom management using High Frequency Airway Oscillations in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” in 2020 at the University of Leicester. This includes breathlessness and sputum management, and utilised specialised measures such as the multiple breath washout techniques. She has been a member of the ATS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assembly since 2020, serving as a member of the website committee (2020-present).

As a post-doctoral research Dr Daynes’ has focussed on rehabilitation following COVID-19 infection, which includes a large multi-centre trial comparing face to face rehabilitation, digital rehabilitation and a control. Dr Daynes’ clinical work has pioneered the COVID rehabilitation service and as a result has been involved with large COVID studies and networks.

Dr Daynes has an interest in non-pharmacological management of breathlessness and exploring the phenotypes of breathlessness. This includes Pulmonary Rehabilitation interventions and she has worked as a specialist in Pulmonary Rehabilitation both clinically and academically. Ongoing work is exploring adapting Pulmonary Rehabilitation for those with health inequalities within Leicester. As a result, Dr Daynes contributes to a number of committees within this area and is the current chair of the British Thoracic Society Pulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist Advisory Group, appointed in 2022. Dr Daynes is the treasurer for the East Midlands Clinical Academic Practitioner Network, and serves as a trainee committee member on the National Health Institute for Research Health Service and Delivery funding committee. Dr Daynes continues to increase the profile of Pulmonary Rehabilitation alongside the ATS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assembly and supporting the Pulmonary Rehabilitation reimbursement group activities.


Dmitry Rozenberg is a Pulmonologist at the University Health Network and affiliated with the Ajmera Multi-Organ Transplant Program in Toronto, Canada. He is an Assistant Professor in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and has been awarded the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Professorship in Rehabilitation Medicine.

He began his studies in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University, which sparked his passion for physical fitness and exercise training. He completed medical school at the University of Ottawa and his Internal Medicine, Pulmonology and PhD Training at the University of Toronto, focusing on skeletal muscle dysfunction in lung transplantation.  

Dr. Rozenberg’s research aims to understand the impact of physical fitness and skeletal muscle function on daily physical function, quality of life, frailty, health care use, and survival before and after lung transplantation. Dr. Rozenberg is applying imaging techniques, non-invasive measures, and histopathological muscle evaluation to gain a greater understanding of the functional impairments experienced by patients with advanced lung disease and their response to rehabilitation. Dr. Rozenberg is looking to translate his clinical expertise and passion for exercise training to improve health outcomes in individuals with lung disease and with transplantation. 



This award is given to a Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) Assembly member (primary or secondary) who has recognized scientific contribution(s) to the principles and practice of pulmonary rehabilitation and has made contributions to PR Assembly (and ATS) activities. Relevant research contributions may include but are not limited to: program structure, program content, outcomes or outcome measures, skeletal muscle dysfunction, exercise training, adjuncts to exercise training, mechanisms underlying benefits of PR, education, self- management, health-enhancing behavior change, social or psychological support, knowledge translation and program accreditation. 


  • At the time of submission nominees must be a maximum of 7 years from date of conferral of highest research degree, or, if no research degree, from date of first faculty appointment (career disruption will be considered).

Proposers must submit a nomination package including: 

  1. Details and confirmation of the nominee’s status as a primary or secondary member of the PR Assembly
  2. Date of conferral of doctoral level degree
  3. Date of first faculty appointment (if applicable).
  4. A one page letter from a primary member of the Assembly describing the nominee’s contributions (including to the PR Assembly/ATS) and why the award is appropriate
  5. The nominee’s curriculum vitae, including details of career disruption where relevant.


Applications will be scored on the basis of the details provided in the submitted nomination.

Awards will only be given where suitable candidates are nominated. 


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