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Assembly on Pulmonary Rehabilitation Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is to recognise a clinician and/or researcher who is considered to have made a lifetime contribution to the advancement of Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The award could be posthumous or post-retirement.

Candidates for the Lifetime Achievement Award should be:

  • Recognized for making an outstanding life-time contribution to the science or practice of pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Recognized by his/her peers as an outstanding pulmonary rehabilitation clinician, and/or researcher, and/or teacher, and/or mentor, and/or advocate.
  • May have previously received the PR Assembly Recognition Award (or similar previous PR Assembly Award).
  • This award is open to all health disciplines.
  • Nominations for this award should be by a letter from a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assembly member describing why the award is appropriate. The cover letter should be limited 2 pages and up to 1000 words.
  • Nominee's curriculum vitae should be included, if available.


Previous award recipients of the equivalent award (Awardees in Memoriam or Emeritus)

2020 – Brian Tiep MD
2019 - Alvan L. Barach, MD
2018 - John E. Hodkin, MD
2017 - John W. Walsh
2016 - Karlman Wasserman, MD
2015 - Jose Jardim, MD, PhD
2014 - Timothy Griffiths, MD
2013 - Claudia Cote, MD
2012 - Thomas Petty, MD