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Assembly on Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology Carol Basbaum Award

The RCMB has established the Carol Basbaum Award in recognition of outstanding scientific achievement and leadership potential to a junior investigator in the field of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.

This award was created in memory of Dr. Carol B. Basbaum, a brilliant scientist who had an international reputation in the area of airway biology and inflammation who passed away in 2005, in the prime of her career. She made seminal findings in airway pathobiology and was considered the preeminent scientist in the field. She was the first to describe plasticity of airway epithelial cells and describe the role of several new molecules in the lung. This award also celebrates the leadership and mentoring role that Carol displayed throughout her career, and her selfless contributions to her trainees and colleagues.

To qualify for a Basbaum Award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • The nominee must be faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor (or equivalent)
  • The nominee must be an ATS member at the time of receiving the award.
  • The nominee must be a member of RCMB assembly.  Priority will be given to primary RCMB members
  • The nominee must attend the ATS International Conference
  • The nominee cannot receive any other Travel Grant or Award within the ATS that includes Travel to the Conference.

Nomination for the RCMB Carol Basbaum Award will also mean automatic entry into the Science Innovation Center’s Rising Stars of Research Program. The two runners up to the Award (who have research in the area of basic/translational science) will be chosen for this program. The two candidates will showcase their research by giving a 15 minute talk in one of two sessions featuring “Rising Stars”. Winners of the Rising Stars of Research Program from, AII, MTPI, RCMB, and RSF will present their work at the Science and Innovation Center during the ATS International Conference this May 2019. Certificates will also be awarded during the session.

Guidelines for Submitting a Nomination:

  • Only 1 nomination letter will be considered for any individual nominee. If multiple nominations are received for the same candidate, then only 1 letter will be chosen for review by the Awards Selection Committee.
  • Send a letter of recommendation for your nominee outlining his or her qualifications. 
    • Letter of recommendation should address each of the following criteria:
      • Scientific Achievement
      • Mentoring
      • Leadership potential
      • Involvement with ATS and RCMB Assembly
  • Send the nominee’s current NIH-style Biosketch

Past Recipients of the Carol Basbaum Award:

2019 - Jonathan Kropski, MD
2018 - Darcy E. Wagner, PhD
2017 - Amy L. Firth, PhD
2016 - Steven K. Huang, MD
2015 - Kevin K. Kim
2014 - Mauricio Rojas, MD & Claude Jourdan Le Saux, MD, PhD
2013 - David A. Stoltz, MD, PhD
2012 - Michael B. Fessler, MD
2011 - Cara J. Gottardi, PhD
2010 - Anne-Karina T. Perl, PhD
2009 - Eric S. White, MD
2008 - Carol Feghali-Bostwick,PhD
2007 - Sorachai Srisuma, MD, PhD

Last Reviewed: May 2019