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Assembly on Respiratory Structure and Function Joseph R. Rodarte Award for Scientific Distinction

The RSF Planning Committee is very pleased to announce the Joseph R. Rodarte Award for Scientific Distinction in honor of the late Joe Rodarte, M.D. Dr. Rodarte was a distinguished member of the American Thoracic Society and of the Assembly on Respiratory Structure and Function. He was an international leader in the fields of respiratory physiology and pulmonary medicine and made invaluable contributions to our scientific and medical communities. We are proud to honor his memory with an award designated for an established investigator who has made distinguished contributions in the fields of respiratory medicine or physiology.

The award will consist of $500 and a plaque, to be presented at the 2019 ATS International Conference in Dallas, TX.

We gratefully acknowledge Medical Graphics Corporation (MGC Diagnostics) for their support.


  • The candidate should be an established investigator with recognized and distinguished scientific achievement in the area of respiratory structure and function
  • This award is normally given to an RSF Assembly member, but suitable candidates from other ATS Assemblies will be considered
  • The award will be for sustained overall accomplishment and contributions to respiratory physiology and medicine over the duration of the candidate's career

Past Recipients of the Joseph R. Rodarte Award:

2019 - Jason Bates, PhD, DSc
2018 - Raymond B. Penn, PhD
2017 - William Thomas Gerthoffer, PhD
2016 - Andrew J. Halayko, BS(Hons), MSc, PhD (University of Manitoba)
2015 - Herman Meurs, PhD (University of Groningen)
2014 - Eric A. Hoffman, Ph.D. (University of Iowa)
2013 - Reynold A. Panettieri, Jr., MD (University of Pennsylvania)
2012 - Judith L. Black, PhD, MD (Institute Of Medical Research)
2011 - Susan J. Gunst, PhD (Indiana University School of Medicine)
2010 - Julian Solway, MD (University of Chicago)
2009 - Peter D. Wagner, MD (University of California At San Diego Medical Center
2008 - Solbert Permutt, MD (Johns Hopkins)
2007 - Rolf Hubmayr, MD (Mayo Clinic)
2006 - Wayne Mitzner, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
2005 - Newman Stephens, MD (University of Manitoba)
2004 - Shared: Charlie Irvin, PhD (University of Vermont) & Gary Sieck, PhD (Mayo Clinic)
2003 - Peter Paré, MD  (University of British Columbia)
2002 - Jeffery Fredberg, PhD (Harvard University)

Last Reviewed: May 2019