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Assembly on Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology Lifetime Achievement Award

The ATS SRN Assembly Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to honor the career of an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of sleep or respiratory neurobiology in terms of both scientific and scholarly advances as well as mentoring, teaching, and advocacy to advance public health. This award is given to a candidate at the late Associate Professor, Professor, or Professor Emeritus level (or equivalent) who is recognized for achievement in scholarship over the course of his/her entire career. Contributions to the SRN Assembly in the form of committee participation or leadership, and/or otherwise advancing the SRN mission will be viewed favorably. Awardees will be presented with a plaque at the Assembly reception during the ATS International Conference.


  • Nominations must include a cover letter (2 pages maximum) from a member of the SRN assembly (primary or secondary membership) describing why the award is appropriate
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee must be included
  • Has not previously received a Lifetime ATS Achievement Award

Nominees do not have to be current ATS members but are expected to attend the SRN Assembly Dinner on May 20, 2019 to receive the award.


Applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific and Scholarly Contributions/Products
  • Teaching/Mentoring/Educational/Advocacy Contributions
  • Participation in Assembly and other ATS Activities (Administrative, Committees, Workshops, etc.)
  • Other considerations from recommendations including relevant extenuating circumstances
  • Overall impact/impression of dossier submitted for award application

Applications will be reviewed by the SRN Planning Committee who will recommend up to three candidates to the Executive Committee. Final decision of award will be made by the SRN Executive Committee.

Please contact SRN Planning Committee Chair, Dr. Najib Ayas with any questions.

   Past Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award:

   2019 - Allan I. Pack, MBChB, PhD

Last Reviewed: May 2019