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Thoracic Oncology Assembly Lifetime Achievement Award

The ATS Thoracic Oncology Assembly (TOA) Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to the individual who has made outstanding scientific contributions in clinical, translational, or laboratory-based research relevant to the field of thoracic oncology and/or has provided exemplary service to the Assembly. This award is intended for an established, internationally-recognized investigator with a record of sustained exemplary achievement in the scientific areas of the Assembly.  The nominee does not necessarily need to be an academic; investigators from industry or other settings are also eligible. Awardees will be presented with a framed certificate at the 2019 ATS International Conference in Dallas, TX.


  • Must be a TOA primary member
  • Must not have received a similar Lifetime Achievement award from TOA or another ATS Assembly
  • Nomination package must include a 1-page letter from a member of the assembly describing the candidate’s contributions and why the award is appropriate

Past Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award:

2019 - M. Patricia Rivera, MD
2018 - Michael K. Gould, MD, MS
2017 - Charles "Cap" Powell, MD
2016 - Frank C. Detterbeck, MD
2015 - James R. Jett, MD

Last Reviewed: May 2019