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CP Mentoring Program

With the disruption in our normal Annual Conference proceedings and the changes in our professional commitments over the past few months, we are re-opening and slightly re-designing the Clinical Problems Assembly Mentorship program. We are re-opening the application process for both mentors and mentees, with a focus on mentorship by virtual meetings and digital communication. 

This program's mission is to welcome members to the CP Assembly and to create a supportive community for the career development of our next generation of students, physicians, and investigators.

Anyone can sign up to be a mentee or a mentor (or both). Prospective mentors and mentees will be asked to provide us with some brief information about their background, scholarly activities, research, and career goals in a brief online survey (takes less than 5 minutes to complete). Each prospective mentee will be paired up with an individual mentor based on the answers provided in this survey.

We know everyone is busy, but this limited time commitment can make a big difference in developing careers!

Expectations for Mentors

  1. Create an open line of communication by virtual or digital means available to both mentor and Mentee. Mentorship can extend beyond the initial 30-minute virtual meeting if the mentor and mentee choose, but this is not mandatory. 
  2. Advise on the mentee's short- and long-term goals, and assist in strategizing to achieve these goals.
  3. Encourage mentee to attend the Clinical Problems business meeting at the next ATS annual meeting to get involved!

Expectations for Mentees

  1. It is the responsibility of the mentee to reach out to the mentor via email to work together to arrange for a digital/virtual meeting at a time that works for both.  Be proactive and respectful of your mentor’s time.
  2. Mentees should identify their specific developmental needs and goals prior to the meeting.
  3. Mentees should prepare a short bio and CV to share with their mentor at least a week prior to the meeting.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their participation in this program. We realize the value of everyone's time. Your dedication and generosity will ensure our continued success with CP membership and the future of this Assembly.

If you would like to participate in our mentoring program, sign up below.