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Early Career Professionals Working Group

The Thoracic Oncology Assembly of the ATS devotes an important part of its effort in growing its talent through the promotion of new membership and a variety of exciting activities involving education and networking. As such, the Early Career Professionals Working Group of the Assembly facilitates yearly recruitment and welcoming of new members in parallel to hosting activities aimed to accelerate thoracic oncology-related careers of its members while growing collaborations and new contacts. The Working Group, in coordination with Assembly leadership, submits these activities over a few periods of the year, with much energy channeled toward the ATS International Meeting itself, where Networking and Mentoring connections are promoted through Group efforts.

Major activities promoted by the Group include the following, among other activities: (1) An Assembly-centered Mentor-Mentee program to facilitate career development growth and high-quality clinician-scientist networking in the specialty, (2) journal clubs, where presenters may receive academic credit from their institutions for participation, (3) submission of case presentations via the ATS website, (4) submission of symposia and project proposals to be programmed into the ATS Conference or entered into ATS official documents, (5) Networking with colleagues in any thoracic oncology “niche” or sub-area (independent of the Mentoring program), and (6) participation in Assembly Committees or Working Groups. These are constantly evolving with new and exciting additions and directions that facilitate the career growth of trainees, junior faculty, and senior faculty members. The TOA is new and rapidly growing Assembly, and its Early Career Professionals Working Group has the opportunity to enjoy modifying, improving, and adding new dimensions to these excellent Assembly activities.


Lori Sakoda, MD
TOA Early Career Professional (ECP) Working Group Chair

Contact: toa@thoracic.org

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