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Interventional Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy Section

The Thoracic Oncology Assembly of the ATS provides members with access to clinical updates, innovation and research breakthroughs within thoracic oncology. Over the past decade, the field of Interventional Pulmonology and minimally invasive procedures and palliative interventions have become standard of care for thoracic oncology patients. As such, the Interventional Pulmonary Working Group of the Assembly engages a growing section of ATS members who are interested in interventional pulmonology and pulmonary procedures.  The working group aims to help better understand the educational needs of TOA members and communicate them back to the thoracic oncology assembly.

Major activities promoted by the Group include the following, amongst others:

1) Work with ATS leadership under the Thoracic Oncology Assembly  to help further integrate IP and pulmonary procedures  in the annual meeting. 

2) Propose workshops and PG courses for the annual meeting. 

3) Propose projects and guidelines statements. 

4) Contribute to the website of the thoracic oncology assembly with new data or concise reviews, particularly work published in the ATS White Journal. 

5) Organize webinars on clinical topics related to interventional pulmonology and advanced pulmonary procedures.  

The TOA is new and rapidly growing Assembly, and its Interventional Pulmonary Working Group has the opportunity to add a new and diverse clinical and research working to the other excellent Assembly activities.

Welcome to the section of Thoracic Oncology Assembly website which has been dedicated to proceduralists! Our goal is to highlight a new articles or procedures that are pertinent to our field of study and break it down with some background information and commentary to help us all keep up to date. We are new and trying to offer what will be most beneficial for us all as a group, so if you have ideas, please let us know (toa@thoracic.org) and we will be happy to incorporate them!

We are very glad to be here and look forward to being a good site for information for chest physicians!


Lonny Yarmus, DO and Momen Wahidi, MD​
TOA Interventional Pulmonology Working Group Co-Chairs

Contact: toa@thoracic.org


Journal Clubs and Webinars: