ATS Reading List

Reading List

This updated edition of the ATS Reading List includes articles published through September 2023. We have added and removed a substantial number of articles and further refined the overall organization of the syllabus.

The primary goal of the ATS Reading List is to compile clinically relevant articles familiar to all "well-read" adult pulmonary and critical care physicians. Clinicians wishing to delve into influential original research articles rather than rely solely on the distilled summaries offered by review articles will find it to be a particularly rich resource. The Reading List is not intended to be a "Best Evidence Guide" to pulmonary and critical care medicine, substitute for on-line resources like UpToDate, or serve as another Board Review tool. We have included the following types of articles:

  • Clinical studies that are shaping the debate over the current standard of care, which may include studies with less methodologic rigor that garner a lot of attention
  • Landmark articles of historical significance
  • A select number of highly influential practice guidelines
  • Limited number of review articles meeting at least one of the following criteria:
    • Prominent Pulmonary topic lacking landmark articles or large clinical trials
    • Select topics in Non-Pulmonary Critical Care for which Pulmonary Critical Care providers typically turn to consultants for assistance

The selection of articles is based primarily upon literature searches and various "Year in Review" summaries. This edition has been reviewed by members of the ATS Training Committee. We offer sincere thanks for their valuable editorial input. We acknowledge the process of selecting articles is, to some degree, inherently subjective. Feedback from readers has resulted in substantial improvements to the Reading List, and we welcome additional comments from you.

Please send comments and suggestions to  Robert Kempainen, MD.

  1. ARDS
  2. Asthma
  3. Bronchiectasis
  4. Cardiology Critical Care
  5. Chest Imaging
  6. COPD
  7. Cough
  8. COVID-19
  9. Cystic Fibrosis
  10. Drug-Induced Lung Disease
  11. ECMO
  12. Endocrine Critical Care
  13. Gastroenterology Critical Care
  14. Hematology Critical Care
  15. ICU Administration
  16. Immunocompromised Host
  17. Infection Control
  18. Interstitial Lung Disease
  19. Lung Cancer/Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
  20. Lung Transplantation
  21. Mycobacterial Diseases
  22. Nephrology Critical Care
  23. Neurology Critical Care
  24. Nutrition in Critical Illness
  25. Obstetrics and Critical Care
  26. Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  27. Palliative/End of Life Care in the ICU
  28. Pleural Disease
  29. Pneumonia
  30. Primary Neuromuscular Disease
  31. Procedures
  32. Pulmonary Embolism
  33. Pulmonary Function Testing
  34. Pulmonary Hypertension
  35. Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  36. Sedation / Analgesia / Delirium
  37. Sepsis / Septic Shock
  38. Sleep Medicine
  39. Smoking Cessation
  40. Ultrasound in the ICU
  41. Ventilation and Weaning


2023 Update: Larson, J, Kempainen, RR

                       University of Minnesota