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Submission Guidelines


Sleep Fragments is a peer-reviewed feature sponsored by the Sleep & Respiratory Neurobiology Assembly. Each fragment is in a question/answer format and is designed to test members' expertise in sleep medicine and polysomnography. The fragment is centered around a sleep tracing or image that may represent physiologic events, abnormal events, artifacts, diagnostic images, physical exam findings and sleep disorders. Fragments will come from both the adult and pediatric populations and are not limited to pulmonary sleep-related cases. 

Who can submit?

We welcome anyone that would like to submit a fragment for consideration for publication. Trainees with a faculty sponsor or any physician, clinician, or researcher with an interest in sleep related disorders is welcome to submit.

What Type of Topics?

We would like to publish fragments that pertain to the full breadth of sleep disorders – both pulmonary and non-pulmonary, and both pediatric and adult cases. We are interested in fragments that may show a sleep tracing artifact, normal physiologic events, or abnormal physiologic events. Also of interest would be images of sleep logs, hypnograms, CPAP adherence reports, imaging studies (e.g. CT, MRI, PET, radiographs), pulmonary function tests, etc.

It is best to review what has already been published on the website to avoid duplication.

Instructions for Authors

Sleep Fragments must be submitted to the Annals of the American Thoracic Society (AnnalsATS) through ScholarOne and will undergo formal peer review. Instructions can be found here.

Website and AnnalsATS publication

Sleep Fragments accepted for publication at the AnnalsATS will also be posted on our website. Sleep Fragments that are not accepted for publication at the AnnalsATS can be redirected to the Sleep & Respiratory Neurobiology Assembly chairs in order to be considered for publication at the website only, if the authors agree.

Questions regarding submission of Sleep Fragment manuscripts to the Journal may be addressed to either of the ATS Annals Section Editors, Shirin Shafazand, MD, and Mihaela Teodorescu, MD.