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The purpose of the ATS website is to promote the ATS mission through communication and education. The ATS website integrates most of the ATS activity and governance. It links our members to allow them to carry out their professional activities better and keep them abreast of scientific, clinical, and practice advances. It serves to recruit individuals into our Society and into our fields that include Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep, and Environmental and Occupational medicine and science.

The website's goal is also to inform the medical and lay communities and guide them in the best practice of respiratory and critical care medicine and research. The website is a source of information and advocacy for relevant political and health care policy. It gives instruction and guidance to medically underserved parts of the world. Finally, it is a source of revenue for the ATS to carry out its mission.


The ATS website is under the direction of the Digital Content Committee Chair, the Digital Content Committee members, and ATS staff. The Chair reports to the ATS Executive Committee, which in turn reports to the ATS Board of Directors. The ATS Digital Content Committee Chair is selected by the ATS Board of Directors and serves a 3-year term. Members of the Committee are chosen by the Chair, and the ATS President. Committee members are responsible for assessing ATS's existing online and social media content and resources, identifying gaps and proposing recommendations for new content as well as improvement in organization and searchability of existing content. The Digital Content Committee (DCC) will also be closely collaborating with the DCC Liaisons. The DCC Liaisons will include the Assembly Web Directors as well as representatives from key committees. The liaisons will participate in content creation and will be available to provide subject matter expertise.

Submitting Material and Review

Material published on the ATS Website must be appropriate to the mission and goals of the ATS. The Committee Chair is responsible for determining the appropriateness of the individual entries according to guidelines developed by the ATS Board of Directors.

Anyone may submit material for publication on the ATS website. The published work may arise from ATS assemblies or committees, individual members, or outside sources, such as nonmembers or government agencies. The Chair may invite submissions and coordinate items suggested by the Committee, ATS leadership, or an ATS department.

Material submitted electronically to the Chair goes through a review process that usually includes "user" as well as expert reviewers. Official ATS statements have a separate ATS statement review process and are posted after this review. Assembly page material generally goes through the Assembly Web Director. This material is overseen by the Assembly Web Director's Review Committee. Material for the columns is submitted to the Column Editors and reviewed by their review committees.

Please refer to the ATS Website Instructions for Contributors for more information on the submission process and requirements.

If readers find material that is no longer current, please inform us at webpublishing@thoracic.org.

The ATS Roster is solely to enhance communication among ATS members and not for commercial purposes.

Commerce and Support

The ATS offers many Educational Products, many of which are free. The ATS is a nonprofit organization. Donations, which can be given online, help support its work and causes.

Advertising of commercial products is not accepted on the ATS website. The ATS will however provide appropriate corporate attribution of all educational and charitable grants as appropriate. The ATS has a uniform acknowledgment of sponsorship for all its publications, both electronic and paper.

The Exhibit Hall is part of each ATS International Conference. It contains the names of all exhibitors. For more information, please visit the International Conference Exhibitor Section of the site.


The ATS Website is provided by the ATS for educational and scientific purposes in furtherance of its non profit and tax exempt status. The ATS makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or suitability of this information for any purpose.