Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

I. Name

The name of this Scientific Assembly of the American Thoracic Society shall be "Clinical Problems in Respiratory Disease" (ATS SACP).

II. Objectives

A) To provide forums for discussion and evaluation of studies concerned with clinical problems in respiratory disease.

B) To collect, interpret, and disseminate information concerning these problems and their proposed solutions.

C) To encourage communication among the various health professionals concerned with solving problems in clinical care of patients with respiratory diseases.

III. Scope

The Scope of the Assembly shall broadly include:

A) Clinical therapeutics, including pharmacological management, ventilators, physiotherapy and others.

B) Clinical diagnosis, including radiographic, physiologic, bacteriologic procedures and others.

C) Training methods, programs, and efficacy in clinical chest disease for health care personnel.

D) Innovative methods for health care delivery, including clinical utilization of automated data processing techniques.

E) Evaluation of current clinical practices.