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We are the Pediatric Website Journal Club Committee. We use a web-based platform to give you leading edge relevant real-time discussion of pediatric pulmonary content  in this interactive journal club.

We welcome your participation

We invite you to submit or present future articles of interest.

How it works

Simply contact the co-chairs of the Website Journal Club Committee Drs Teng Santiago, Joe Piccione or Emily DeBoer with any suggestions or questions.

The Journal Club co-chairs will contact the primary or senior AUTHOR of article to solicit: (1) their participation, (2) their input on PRESENTER for the article, and (3) their input on PANEL OF EXPERTS (2-3) for the article. The Journal Club co-chairs will work individually with each participating member to prepare for the Journal Club, and will moderate the Journal Club webinar.


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Let’s chat

Teng Santiago, MD
Chair, Website Journal Club Committee
ATS Assembly on Pediatrics (PEDS)

Anne Coates, MD
Web Director, Assembly on Pediatrics
ATS Assembly on Pediatrics (PEDS)

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