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The State of Lung Cancer Screening in 2022

Date:March 17, 2022 at 4 p.m. EDT

We are fortunate to have a live discussion featuring four experts in lung cancer screening from different fields entitled: “The State of Lung Cancer Screening in 2022.”

Our four featured discussants include:

Tanner Caverly, MD, MPH. Tanner Caverly is an Assistant Professor of Learning Health Sciences and Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan. He studies how to deliver high-value care in primary care settings, while also minimizing the use of low-value services. Currently, he is studying how decision support can help personalize screening decisions within the intense time-constraints of primary care practice, where there is typically < 5 minutes to discuss preventive services with patients.

Efrén Flores, MD. Dr. Flores is an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is a thoracic radiologist and a health services researcher focused on understanding health disparities to inform the development of innovative and multidisciplinary interventions to enhance health equity for underserved patient populations with particular interest in lung cancer screening interventions.

Hormuzd Katki, PhD. Dr. Katki is a Senior Investigator in the Biostatistics Branch of the NCI. He develops individualized calculators to identify those with the highest benefit from lung screening. He also develops calculators that continually update individual lung cancer risk with CT-image features, that could be used for individualized management and screening intervals.

Renda Wiener, MD, MPH. Dr. Wiener is a pulmonologist, health services researcher, and implementation scientist based at Boston University. Her work focuses on implementing patient-centered strategies to optimize the benefits of harms of lung cancer screening. She has led or participated in multiple guidelines and policy statements