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Community & Collaboration

MedEd World
An international health professions community with the purpose of sharing of information, ideas, experience, and expertise. Launched by the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

A brief "MedEd World Overview" (5 min) video is available here.

A free, open-access publication service that promotes educational scholarship and collaboration by facilitating the open exchange of peer-reviewed health education teaching and assessment resources. Provided by the AAMC, along with the American Dental Education Association and the American Psychological Association.

Skill Development

Clinician Educator's Handbook 236 page PDF from Texas Children's Hospital, published in 2008. A practical reference written with clinical teaching in mind.

Instructional Methods in Health Professionals Education (via Coursera) – open online 8 week course from University of Michigan Medical School, intended for those involved in clinical education to expand and improve their teaching skills.

Teaching and Assessing Clinical Skills (via Coursera) – open online 7 week course from University of Michigan Medical School, intended for those seeking to improve feedback, clinical teaching, and assessment of clinical skills.

Scholarship & Career Development

Standards for Educational Scholarship (AAMC)The 2007 consensus statement from the AAMC's Group on Educational Affairs, presenting a set of standards for the scholarly work of medical educators as used in the educator academic promotion process.

Building an Educator Portfolio (AAMC) A guide to building and maintaining an educator portfolio, the written document that describes and details the strengths of your teaching and educational innovations.

Funding sources for medical educators

Learning Materials for Pulmonary & Critical Care

ATS Reading List A curated list of the most influential literature in pulmonary & critical care medicine.

ATS Quick Hits A collection of image based cases with key clinical questions.

Lecture Series: Pulmonary Physiology & Pathophysiology by Dr. John West, MD PhD, UC San Diego School of Medicine.

HEAL The Health Education Assets Library (HEAL) is a collection of over 22,000 freely available digital materials for health sciences education.

Tutorial in PFT Interpretation Case-based PFT tutorial from Washington University, designed for self-directed learning for internal medicine residents.

PACCM Education Resources University of Pittsburgh Medical Center website with links to core pulmonary and critical care medicine topics where you will find key publications, power point presentations, and handouts.

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Last Reviewed: October 2017