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Organizational Structure

SoME Organizational Structure

Executive Committee (In BLUE: participates in executive committee conference calls)

  • Chair: Elected (2 year term)
  • Co-Chair: Elected (1 year term)
  • Past Chair: Elected (1 year term)
  • Planning Chair: Appointed (3 year)
  • Programming Chair: Appointed (1 year term)
  • Programming Co Chair: Appointed (1 year term)
  • Nominating Committee: Elected (1 year)
  • Web Director: Appointed (3 year term)

Extended Executive Committee (In ORANGE: participates in every other month phone calls)

  • Working Group Chair 1: TBD this year (appointed)--- UME
  • Working Group Chair 2: TBD next year (appointed)---Educational Research or simulation/procedural assessment
  • Director of Webinars (appointed)
  • Director of Podcasts (appointed)
  • BAVLS (appointed)
  • Mentoring (appointed)
  • Any interest groups: (appointed)

Committees and Roles

Chair roles:  Coordinate committees within section, collaborate with other ATS committees, assemblies and sections; liaise with BSHSR leadership and ATS Board and Executive Committee; communicate with membership, and oversee all activities of the Section. 

Nominating Committee: Solicit and review names submitted for chair/co-chair positions, programming and nominating committee for election.

Planning Committee: Plan efforts to become an assembly, organize and solicit projects for the section/as well as collaborations with other assemblies

Programming Committee: Solicit and suggest ideas for symposia prior to the International Conference (IC), coordinate and program meetings at the IC, provide feedback to members about proposals, advocate for on behalf of the section within BSHSR programming (provides names to BSHSR programming chair to have as representatives on that programming committee).  This committee will also oversee non-IC programming, including podcasts/webinars and will help to oversee those separate committees.

Web Committee: Oversee content on webpage, including: making sure content is up-to-date, adding interactivity, working on blog and posting of resources of use to section membership. 

Podcast Committee: Develop content online for members of the section in a podcast format/

Webinars:  Deliver content to members of the section via webinars, plan webinars across the year, track attendance, evaluations and content; includes diverse population of participants included in webinars (international members, gender, age, etc.)  

Best of ATS Lecture Video Series: Calls for and evaluates videos from members of ATS, assure content validity and then provide awards to the best of the videos.

Mentoring:  Develop mentorship for members within our section and within BSHSR (and/or is a representative for mentoring on the BSHSR mentoring committee).