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TIME: Trainees Interested in Medical Education

TIME was formed by some outstanding educators while in their own fellowship training, to create a voice for trainees within ATS and more specifically the ATS Section on Medical Education.  Their vision was and is to connect and engage trainees in ATS who are interested in medical education.  This connection and engagement will provide an avenue for networking, as well as the creation of durable resources and content targeted towards trainees.  Membership is open to trainees who are ATS members and interested in medical education.  

As a group, we work closely with SoME on educational initiatives, webinars, and podcast programming.  We also collaborate with the Members in Transition and Training (MITT) committee, to host a social networking event annually, called TEACH or Trainee Educators’ ATS Camaraderie Hour.  TEACH is held on the Sunday evening of ATS International Conference each year and all are welcome!  




Please email us for more information or to join TIME! 

All members who belong to both ATS and TIME are then eligible to apply for a leadership position, which affords even more opportunities within ATS and medical education. There are yearly calls for applications to the leadership council, or you may contact us for additional details. 

Leadership Council 2021-2022 

Co-Chairs: Rick Koubek and Laura Chiel 
Immediate Past Chairs: Rachel Quaney and Wade Brown


Special thank you to our founding educators:

Dr. Anna Brady, Assistant Professor at Oregon Health & Science University
Dr. Briana Short, Assistant Professor at Columbia University
Dr. Lekshmi Santhosh, Assistant Professor at University of California San Francisco
Dr. Michelle Sharp, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University