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Nursing Assembly

The ATS Assembly on Nursing has over 200 national and international members representing the 3 pillars of ATS: pulmonary, critical care and sleep. Our members are scientists, clinicians, and educators who network and collaborate to improve the care of individuals across the lifespan. While we meet annually at the ATS conference, there are numerous networking and professional development opportunities to be involved throughout the year that provide service to the Nursing and scientific communities and can help improve your leadership skills. Early career and/or new members can apply to the Apprenticeship Program. This program allows you, a mentee, to get a "behind the scenes" look at the operations of the assembly while developing skills for evaluation of committee applications and development of committee projects. We also encourage attending the Nursing Assembly business meeting during the ATS Conference. Prior to the business meeting there is an orientation for Early Career and or new Assembly members. Early career opportunities include:

  • Membership in the Early Career Working Group (meets annually at the ATS Conference)
  • Committee involvement (e.g. Program Committee, etc)
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Attending the Orientation at the Nursing Assembly business meeting
  • Abstract Scholarships

Feel free to reach out to Lynn Baniak, Early Career Professionals Working Group Chair, or Wanda M. Gibson-Scipio,
Ph.D., FNP-BC, ATSF, Assembly Chair, for any further questions.