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Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology Assembly

Dear Fellow/Trainee/ New ATS Member:

The Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology (SRN) assembly would be delighted to have you as a new member! Here are some of the exciting opportunities our assembly has to offer:

  • Join our highly active early career professional and web committees. These groups create and promote educational/editorial content through podcasts, social media, and other venues.
  • Gain exposure to SRN through our Mentoring Program that pairs junior and senior SRN members and our Apprenticeship Program that prepares junior members to serve on our Planning or Program Committees.
  • Visit our new blog, Sleep Matters, aimed at highlighting the latest news, events, and research from the sleep field. Interested in contributing content? Email Vaishnavi Kundel, MD and Luke Donovan, MD.
  • Interested in co-facilitating any of the ATS-SRN thematic poster sessions? You can be paired with a senior mentor and serve as a co-facilitator for your clinical/research topic of choice!
  • “Attend” and present at our Journal Club webinar, where high impact publications in the field of sleep medicine are presented and discussed with the authors and leaders in the field. Presenters may receive academic credit from their institutions for participation.
  • Network with colleagues in your area of expertise at the SRN Membership Meeting and Reception scheduled the Monday evening at each International Conference. There, you can also learn key details about the structure of our Assembly and ATS as a whole.

We hope you will get involved with our exciting activities, and take advantage of the many opportunities that the SRN has to offer. Please email us at SRN@thoracic.org, if any questions or thoughts. !


Lucas Donovan, MD, MS and Vaishnavi Kundel, MD

SRN Early Career Professional Working Group Chairs          


Mihaela Teodorescu, MD, MS

Chair, Assembly on SRN