Sleep Fragment Award

Sleep Fragments is a monthly feature sponsored by the Assembly on Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology (SRN). Each tracing is in a question/answer format and is designed to test members' expertise in sleep medicine and polysomnography. The tracings may represent physiologic events, abnormal events, artifacts and sleep disorders. The Sleep Fragment Award is given to the Highest rated Sleep Fragment. The SRN Assembly Web Committee reviews and scores all of the fragments submitted and selects the top scoring fragment.

Past Awardees

2018 - Nur Sulaiman, MBBBS
2017 - Sameh S.W. Morkous, MD
2016 - Mudiaga Sowho, MD, MPH
2015 - Sandeep Khosa, MD
2014 - Lourdes Del Rosso, MD
2013 - Indra Narang, MD
2012 - Ziad Shaman, MD