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SRN Apprenticeship and Mentoring Programs: Apply Now!

SRN Apprenticeship Program:

Are you an early career ATS Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology Assembly (SRN) member? Do you want to know how the SRN operates? How are abstract submissions and proposals programmed into the ATS international conference? If you want to be more involved in the SRN assembly, then the ATS SRN Apprenticeship Program is for you! The SRN Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide early career SRN Assembly members to work alongside senior members of the Assembly, with an opportunity to be directly involved in guiding the future of ATS. Through the application process, apprentices are selected to serve on either the Program or Planning Committees for one year, with an opportunity to ‘graduate’ into full committee membership in the year following the Apprenticeship. Click here for application requirements and more details! Applications are due Wednesday, January 15th, 2020, apply now!

SRN Mentoring Program:

If you are a junior SRN member planning to attend the ATS International Conference, consider applying for the SRN Assembly Mentoring Program! Through this program, interested mentee’s are paired up with a mentor based on their clinical/research interests, provided by the mentee in a brief application. Once paired, the mentor-mentees will exchange contact information, and arrange to convene at the ATS international conference. This is an excellent way for trainees and junior faculty to remain engaged in the SRN, expand their mentorship, and open the door to new opportunities in collaborating with senior mentors of the SRN assembly. Click here for more details, and fill out the brief application to take part in the SRN Mentoring Program!

(Post by: Vaishnavi Kundel)