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Medical Education Research Grant

**The 2023 cycle is currently closed**

The Medical Education Research Program reflects the ATS Board of Directors’ commitment to developing outstanding educators in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. The program supports the design, implementation, and evaluation of novel educational approaches for biomedical health professional trainees, students, or patients.

Medical Education Research Award Opportunity

The goal of the Medical Education Research Grant from the Section on Medical Education (SoME) is to provide junior faculty career educators the opportunity to perform high-quality research that advances the fields of education in Pulmonary, Critical Care, or Sleep Medicine. 

One grant available - $5,000/ year

Target Audience

Early career medical educators planning scholarly work in medical education for undergraduate or graduate health care professionals. As this is a junior investigator award, it is strongly recommended to include a mentor on the proposal. The Research Program encourages international and domestic applications.

Preference will be given to projects that include a mentor and mentoring plan; are multi-institutional; and go beyond simply the development of a curriculum.

Applicants may request up to $5,000 for one year for salaries, statistical support/consultations, equipment, and supplies. Travel expenses and indirect costs are not allowed.   Presentation is expected at an ATS International Conference within two years of completion.


January 2023

Full Applications Open

February 28, 2023

Full Application Deadline due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time

April 2023

Committee Review

April 2023

Grantee Notification

December 2023

Grant Start Date

Award-Specific Eligibility

  • The Medical Education Research Award from the SoME defines Junior Investigator as:
    • An Instructor or Assistant Professor (or equivalent rank) at the time the grant is submitted (priority will be given to applicants who are ≤ 7 years from completion of PhD or fellowship training)
    • Exceptions will be considered when extenuating circumstances (such as parental leave) exist. Please send an explanation to Jared Chiarchiaro before submitting an application.
  • At the time of application:
    • At least one key personnel must be an ATS member
    • At least one key personnel must be a SoME member
  • By the time the grant is awarded:
    • The principal investigator must be a full ATS member
    • The PI must be a SoME member.
    • Any co-investigators who are ATS members must be SoME members.

Application Instructions

  • This program does not have a letter of intent phase;
  • Applicants do not need an invitation to submit a full application
  • The PI must be a Junior Investigator, as defined above in award-specific eligibility

Application Documents

Scoring Criteria

  • Specific Aims
    • Hypothesis driven or hypothesis generating
  • Background
    • Demonstrates adequate review of relevant literature and importance of proposed study
  • Scholarly Contributions in Medical Education
    • Methods are appropriate to the research question and validated tools are used when available
  • Educational Impact and/or Innovation
    • Novel and applicable beyond the applicant’s institution
  • Educational Leadership and Support (local or national)
    • Evidence of support for the project at the Divisional/Departmental level, including other resources that will be necessary to complete the project.
  • Project Feasibility
    • 1-2 year timeline for completion with a feasible budget


If you should experience any technical difficulties during the application process please contact Javier Guzman.


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