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2020 Minority Trainee Development Scholarship (MTDS) WINNERS

Congratulations to the 2020 Minority Trainee Development Scholarship!


Congratulations to the 40 recipients of the 2020 ATS Minority Trainee Development Scholarship (MTDS)!  Please click here to view the complete list of names!  The MTDS is supported by the American Thoracic Society and provides travel support for underrepresented minorities defined by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to attend the ATS 2020 International Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

This year due to COVID-19 the ATS 2020 International Conference has been cancelled, more information can be found here. Unfortunately, recipients will not get a travel award. They will get an electronic award certificate, their name will be listed on the website as a 2020 Minority Trainee Development Scholarship (MTDS) Award Recipient, and we will recognize awardees at next year’s ATS 2021 International Conference during the Diversity Forum. MTDS recipients are selected for the quality of the science in their submitted abstract, among other criteria.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth Guzmán at the ATS office by email (lguzman@thoracic.org).

Once again, congratulations to the 2020 MTDS awardees, and thank you to all those who applied. 


Yolanda Mageto, MD, MPH
Chair, MTDS Subcommittee

2020 Minority Trainee Development Scholarship (MTDS) Awardees

  1. Dionne Adair, MBBS
    University of Michigan          
    Mentor: Njira Lugogo, MD

  2. Olawale Amubieya, MD       
    University of California, Los Angeles                
    Mentor: Stephen (Sam) Weigt, MD

  3. Antonio Arciniegas, MD       
    Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Mentor: Rebecca Baron, MD

  4. Monique Bailey, MD
    Emory University School of Medicine             
    Mentor: Lokesh Guglani, MD, FAAP
  5. Gabriel Barrón, BS  
    University of Chicago
    Mentor: Anne Sperling, PhD
  6. Varina Clark, ScB     
    David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA     
    Mentor: Soban Umar, MD, PhD

  7. Farouk Dako, MD, MPH
    University of Maryland         
    Mentor: Jean Jeudy, MD

  8. Althea deWeever, BS            
    University of South Alabama              
    Mentor: Troy Stevens, PhD

  9. Francesca Duncan, MD         
    Indiana University School of Medicine           
    Mentor: William Graham Carlos, MD

  10. Mariana DuPont, BS              
    University of Alabama at Birmingham             
    Mentor: Maria Grant, MD

  11. Chinedu Ejike, MD  
    Johns Hopkins University
    Mentor: Nadia N. Hansel, MD, MPH

  12. Nathalie Fuentes, PhD          
    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
    Mentor: Kirk M. Druey, MD

  13. Gabriela Galli, BS, EMT-P    
    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    Mentor: Kristina Rudd, MD, MPH

  14. Jaleesa Garth, PhD 
    University of Alabama at Birmingham             
    Mentor: Stefanie Krick, MD, PhD
  15. Abena Green            
    Trainee Fisk University          
    Mentor: Wonder Drake, MD

  16. Seyni Gueye-Ndiaye, MD    
    New York Presbyterian, Weill Cornell Medicine          
    Mentor: Stefan Worgall, MD, PhD

  17. Ariangela Kozik, PhD             
    University of Michigan          
    Mentor: Yvonne J Huang, MD
  18. Solomon Krow, MD
    University of Illinois At Chicago         
    Mentor: Dustin Ryan Fraidenburg, MD

  19. Vérida Léandre, PhD             
    Brown University    
    Mentor: Elizabeth O. Harrington, PhD

  20. Alnardo Lora, MD   
    SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University
    Mentor: Patrick Geraghty, PhD

  21. Adali Martinez, MD, MPH   
    University of California San Francisco              
    Mentor: Neeta Thakur, MD, MPH
  22. Claudia Mattos, BS 
    Rowan University of Osteopathic Medicine  
    Mentor: Joseph Piccione, MS, DO
  23. Takudzwa Mkorombindo, MD          
    University of Alabama at Birmingham             
    Mentor: Tracy Luckhardt, MD

  24. Bede Nriagu, MD    
    Drexel University College of Medicine            
    Mentor: Edward S. Schulman, MD

  25. Eduardo Nuñez, MD              
    Boston University/Boston Medical Center    
    Mentor: Renda Soylemez Wiener, MD, MPH
  26. Ayomide Ojebuoboh, BA
    Boston University   
    Mentor: Blanca E Himes, MD
  27. Hernan Peñaloza Cerda, PhD             
    University of Pittsburgh
    Mentor: Janet S Lee, MD

  28. Alexia Perryman, BS              
    University of North Carolina Chapel Hill          
    Mentor: Ilona Jaspers, PhD
  29. Jennifer Polo, BA    
    Northwell Health     
    Mentor: Negin Hajizadeh, MD, MPH
  30. Andre Rebaza, MD
    Yale University         
    Mentor: Charles Sun Dela Cruz, MD, PhD, ATSF

  31. Victoria Rubio, BioChem     
    University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus     
    Mentor: Christine Vohwinkel, MD, PhD

  32. Ann Rusk, MD          
    Mayo Clinic
    Mentor: Alice Gallo De Moraes, MD

  33. Dominic Sales, BS   
    Drexel College of Medicine 
    Mentor: Freddy Romero, PhD
  34. Lesly-Anne Samedy Bates, PharmD, PhD, MS             
    University of California, San Francisco            
    Mentor: Esteban G. Burchard, MD, MPH
  35. Alexander Schuyler, BS, BA
    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    Mentor: Sally E. Wenzel, MD

  36. Carmela Socolovsky, MD     
    Brigham and Women's Hospital        
    Mentor: Wanda Phipatanakul, MD MS

  37. Piera Sosa, BS           
    Meharry Medical College     
    Mentor: Laura E. Fredenburgh, MD
  38. Luis Vargas Buonfiglio, MD 
    University of Iowa   
    Mentor: Joseph Zabner, MD
  39. Nicholas Villalobos, MD       
    University of New Mexico
    Mentor: Akshay Sood, MD

  40. Dan Justin Kalenda Yombo, PhD      
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center             
    Mentor: Satish Kumar Madala, PhD