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Open Critical Care Grand Rounds Collective

The objective of this collective is to openly share high level didactic content pertaining to the practice and research of critical care medicine.

We are always looking for new content to post on this page, particularly from early career professionals. Criteria for lectures should be that the subject matter be of interest to a general critical care audience and that the audio and visual media be of high quality. Please contact  Daniel Fein with inquiries regarding potential submissions.

The protocols and recommendations described in these videos do not constitute medical advice or treatment nor should they be considered replacement of the patient / physician relationship or a physicians professional judgement. ATS and the creators of the videos disclaims all liability for treatment, diagnosis, decisions and actions taken or not taken in reliance of information taken from this website.


Cardiac Dysfunction in Sepsis

Summary: A look at cardiac dysfunction by POCUS in critically ill septic patients.

Lecturer: Michael Lanspa, MD
Video Editor:
Kyle Swartz, DO

The Importance of Ethical Resource Allocation in the ICU

Summary:An analysis and discussion about the current state of resource allocation in the ICU setting.

Lecturer: Hayley B Gershengorn, MD FCCM ATSF
Video Editor:
Kyle Swartz, DO

Patient Ventilator Interactions: The Importance of Waveforms

Summary: Interpretation and management of patient ventilator asynchrony. 

Lecturer: Daniel Fein, MD
Video Editor:
Kyle Swartz, DO

Lung Ultrasound for the Diagnosis and Management of Acute Respiratory Failure

Summary: A demonstration of lung ultrasound and its applications to critically ill patients as a modality for the diagnosis and therapeutic management of patients with acute respiratory failure. 

Lecturer: Marjan Islam, MD 
Video Editor:
Kyle Swartz, DO

The Spectrum of Pulmonary Complications in COVID-19: Airway, Alveolar, and Vascular Compromise

Summary:An all-encompassing look at the many effects of COVID-19 on the respiratory system, the virulence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the management of ARDS, and the potential long-term consequences of COVID-19.

Presenter: Divya Reddy MBBS, MPH
Video Editor: Kyle Swartz, DO

Status Epilepticus in 2020

Summary: A discussion about status epilepticus and its causes and treatments with a further look into management of refractory status. 

Presenter: Thomas Bleck, MD, MCCM, FNCS
Video Editor:
Kyle Swartz, DO

Who Benefits fr om ICU Care?

Summary: Who is admitted to the ICU, who can benefit most from ICU level care, and how to improve ICU admission practices.

Speaker: Tom Valley, MD, MSc

COVID-19: An Evolving Global Pandemic

Summary: An in-depth analysis of the SARS-CoV2 virus anatomy and physiology along with management and potential treatments.

Presenter: Divya Reddy, MD
Video Editor:
Kyle Swartz, DO

Use of the LTV 1200 Ventilator During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Summary: A comprehensive guide on how to use the LTV 1200 Carefusion ventilator for intensivists and non-intensivists

Presenter: Dr. Sami Nachman, MD

How the World Changed in 12 weeks, 2019-nCoV, NCIP, SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19

Summary: The history of COVID-19, the disease course, and what treatments are being investigated

Speaker: Lindsey Baden, MD
Video Editor:
Kyle Swartz, DO