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COVID-19 Clinician and Patient Resources

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Breathe Easy Podcasts: COVID-19

  Perspective On The Pediatric Covid Experience: a Podcast 

 COVID-19 Twitter Chat Archives

Critical Perspective: Management of ARDS in the Era of COVID-19: A Podcast

COVID-19 Critical Care Training Forum

Critical Care Grand Rounds Collective




Critical Care Education for the Non-Critical Care Physician

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), Diagnosis and Management 2020

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) 2020

Critical Care Grand Rounds Collective Video, "Use of the LTV 1200 Ventilator During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

COVID‐19: Interim Guidance on Management Pending Empirical Evidence. From an American Thoracic Society‐led International Task Force

COVID-19 Critical Care Training Forum

Critical Perspective: Management of Shock in the Era of COVID-19: A Podcast

Critical Perspective: Evidence-Based Medicine for the Management of COVID-19 ARDS: A Podcast

Tips for Communicating with your COVID-19 Patients on Mechanical Ventilation: A Podcast

Pulmonary Arterial (PA) Catheterization and Waveforms (log in or create an ATS account to access)

How to Read a Chest CT: Key Cases and Pearls (log in or create an ATS account to access)

How to Run a Code  (log in or create an ATS account to access)

Inpatient Emergencies: How to Run a Code (log in or create an ATS account to access)

ECMO for Respiratory Failure in 2019

Delirium, Sedation, and Long‐Term Cognitive and Psychological Outcomes

Emergency endotracheal intubation using video laryngoscopy

The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome - The Berlin Definition

Critical Perspective: Tracheal Intubation in Critically Ill Adults in the Era of COVID-19

Critical Perspective: Respiratory Physiology of Mechanically Ventilated Patients with COVID-19

Critical Perspective: Remdesivir for the Treatment of COVID-19: A Podcast

Critical Perspective: Management of Post-Intensive Care Syndrome in the Era of COVID-19 - A Podcast

Clinical Features of 85 Fatal Cases of COVID-19

Critical Perspective: Non-invasive ventilation for acute hypoxemic respiratory failure in the era of COVID-19 - A Podcast





  Pulmonary Function Laboratories: Advice for COVID-19

  Pulmonary Function Testing in the Real World: 2019 Updates on the Art   and Science of PFT   Product Code: 2019PG24

Pulmonary Function and Cardiopulmonary exercise Testing: Clinical Update for 2018 and Case Conference Product Code: 2018PG15




Do I Have To? Re-evaluating Common Practices in the ICU  Product code: 2019A4

Keeping My Critically Ill Patient Comfortable, Awake, Engaged, and Moving Product code: 2019B4

When the Sun Sets: Nighttime in the ICU Product code: 2019C4

Surviving Critical Illness: Optimizing Outcomes in the Post-ICU Space Product code: 2018A4

Critical Illness and the Aging Brain: Dementia and Delirium in the ICU  Product code: 2018D84

Modern Dilemmas in Critical Care: Why a LIttle Bit of Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing  Product code: 2018C4

Firing On All Cylinders: Optimizing Critical Care Delivery and Improving Outcomes Product code: 2018B86

Acute Renal Failure in the ICU

End of Life Management Strategies in the ICU

ICU Emergencies (log in or create an ATS account to access)



 Critical Care Clinical Core Curriculum II Product code: 2019CC6

 Critical Care Clinical Core Curriculum II Product code: 2018CC4 (2018)

 Critical Care Assembly Clinical Education

 Critical Care (BAVLS)




Medication and Beyond: Targeted Symptom Management for the Mechanically Ventilated Patient Product code: 2018C7

Mechanical Ventilation (Best of ATS Video Lecture Series)

Overview of Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation: Waveform Interpretation and Analysis




 Rethinking Oxygen: Getting the Right Oxygen to the Right Patient  Product   code: 2019A88




CMS Billing for Telehealth - Effective March 6

California Thoracic Society – COVID-19 Office Policy Template (outpatient setting) (pdf)

California Thoracic Society Workup/Management of COVID-19- A Concise Guide (pdf)



 From Spanish Flu of 1918 to Today: What Can We Learn from Viruses? 
 Product code: 2018A12





Battling Burnout: Overcoming the Biggest Threat to Health Care Quality and Safety Product code: 2018D11

Promoting Wellness in Health Care Teams: A Practical ApproachProduct code: 2019WS4

Integrative Therapy in Respiratory Disease: Mindfulness Practice During COVID-19

ATS Wellness



 View COVID-19 Patient Resources 

 ATS and CHEST Launch “For My Lung Health” to Address COVID-19 Disparities

 COVID-19 Patient Education (Spanish): A Video