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Scholarly Project Pods

The mission of the Section of Medical Education Scholarly Project "pods" is to cultivate, encourage, and advance medical education research through multi-institutional collaboration. The goal of each pod is to create an educational product with the hope to enhance the education of our pulmonary and critical care community.


Diana Kelm

Diana Kelm
SoME Scholarly Project Chair


Laura Hinkle

Laura Hinkle
SoME Scholarly Project Co-Chair


We have several pods that are actively involved in various educational projects. If you are interested in joining a pod (and there is availability within that pod), please click on the links below to fill out a short interest form. The pod expectations, leader, and member responsibilities are listed here.

To sign up in any of these pods, please click in the "Sign Me Up" button below, and include the name of the pod you're interested in, first name, last name, email address and current institution.


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Pod Name Pod Leader Projects Currently Working on Projects Completed
Transitions of Care Joshua Denson, MD Understanding the barriers and facilitators to improving transitions of care in the hospital setting, particularly in the ICU ATS Webinar
Interprofessional Education Laura Hinkle, MD, ATSF 1) Exploration of current fellowship program practices surrounding multisource feedback

2) Manuscript reviewing already published work in provision of multisource feedback

3) Webinar on the topic of multisource feedback
Procedural Skills Van Holden, MD Narrative review of procedural assessment tools  
Bedside Teaching Abesh Niroula 1) Possible review on tools available for teachers for bedside teaching

2) Augmented reality in bedside teaching
Wellness Nancy Stewart 1) financial wellness national survey

2) wellbeing podcasts in collaboration with TIME

3) wellbeing curriculum for medical students
Simulation Ivan Co Simulation and procedural competency surrounding massive hemoptysis management and endobronchial blocker placement  
Pediatrics Sumit Bhargava ATS SoME grant: Needs Assessment for Pediatric Fellowship Coaching Program  
Undergraduate Medical Education Anna Neumeier Understanding the landscape of critical care education across UME  
JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Rosemary Adamson
*Not currently taking on more members
Survey of PCCM fellowship program directors to understand their & their faculty's educational needs on JEDI topics Two ATS SOME webinars, one was a presentation and the other a journal club.
Presentation & workshop at APCCMPD annual conference
Clinical Reasoning Morgan Soffler 1) Survey study aimed at understanding the practices of expression of diagnostic uncertainty in the ICU among medical residents, fellows, and faculty.
(Led by Beth Batchelor)

2) Intervention study looking at communication of diagnostic uncertain in transitions of care. (Led by Lekshmi Santosh)
Milestones/EPA Janae Heath
*Not currently taking on more members
Survey of Remediation practices in PCCM fellowship programs; Approach of fellowship programs to Residency Milestone data Correlation of Professionalism and ICS Milestones from Residency to Fellowship; Best Practices for Fellowship Remediation
Metacognition/Adult Learning Jared Chiarchiaro 1) Manuscript under review: "Macrocognition and Team Cognition: A Multidisciplinary Model for Critical Thinking in the Intensive Care Unit"

2) ATS 2022 Section on Medical Education Seminar: "Beyond the Individual: Team Cognition in Critical Care"

3) Future ATS podcast