Women in CP

Women in CP

Welcome to the Women in Clinical Problems working group.  In an effort to promote the accomplishments of the women in our assembly, we have formed a working group to increase the visibility of our women and highlight their achievements.  Our group consists of junior and senior members from around the country who are all motivated to help women succeed in their careers.  While this is a female focused group, all men and women are welcomed and encouraged to join. 

Each month, we plan to highlight accomplishments of Clinical Problems assembly members on our social media platforms.  If you have received a recent award or major grant, published in a high impact journal, or have been recognized for another achievement, we want to know!   Please nominate yourself or another for our monthly highlight by emailing Trisha Parekh and Jessica Bon.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about our group, please contact Rupal Shah, MD and Jessica Bon, MD, MS.

Women in Clinical Problems Spotlight